When simplified, 9x-7i > 3(3x-7u) = i<3u.

I found that very clever. Man, Facebook groups are so cool nowadays and very distracting. I mean there’s no point to join it – only to convey that you agree with that group. It’s not like you’re going to post in it or anything LOL.

Anyways, that equation took me a while to do. I guess my mind is quite blank atm.

Damo -_-” says:
*the other day at school
*we were drawing graphs in maths
*and max was saying
*’this is a neater graph’
*and i was like

Obviously someone is thinking about me =p BWUAHAHHAHAHA!!

Well a lot of people diss my name. They call me I-Needa-Pee. Poor me right? OH WELL I DON’T CARE =D I LOVE MY NAME VERY MUCHIEZ! Apparently my name is the Spanish name of Anna. They put -ita at the end or something to make it cuter? Joobz told me that she had a friend named Anita when she was in Chile and when Anita did something bad or whatever, her grandpa (I think) would call her Anna and she would get pissed. Something like that anyways.

My name is quite easy to tease. People would be like, “AH-NEE-TAR LIKES PEE-TAR” or something.

I must say Karmen is very clever as she drew a picture of the letter A, a knee, and tar. While Karmen is a car and a man. BWUAHAHAHA

As for Karmen…well there’s no need to explain. You guys get it anyways =D!


One response to “When simplified, 9x-7i > 3(3x-7u) = i<3u.

  1. It was max’s fault :@

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